December 22, 2017

We know it’s been a long time since the last update, however, there was nothing to report other than the Resort is open and the owners and guests have been very generous with compliments as how well the staff did to reopen and that nearly everything seems back to normal.

The insurance adjustor did the onsite assessment December 16th. We have a lot of paperwork to submit to the insurance company, we are still waiting for an engineer assessment to be done on some structural concerns, and are still waiting to get some items repaired.

The roof repairs will begin January 8, 2018 and may take up to two weeks. We are expecting the draperies to be replaced the week of January 15th. The parking lot lanterns are taking longer to get, they are the last of the major repairs to be done.

Thank you to so many for the generosities. We appreciate all the warm wishes and compliments bestowed to all the staff. Let’s hope Mother Nature is kind to us in the new year. Happy New Year!!


October 25, 2017

Nearly seven weeks and tons of elbow grease, backaches, and some frustrations, we will reopen the Resort October 28th. Carl Richlin and Wen Rocha had a plan, put it in place, and now we are able to open much earlier than we might have been able. There are still some things that will need to be replaced and fixed, however, Sunrise Bay is now safe and cleaned up well enough for guests to enjoy. We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces again as you arrive to enjoy your vacations. We will keep you updated on the insurance adjustors report once we have it. As of today, we still do not know when the adjustor will be on property. Right now it looks like late November.
Again, thank you for your warm wishes, encouragement and thoughtfulness for all the staff and workers. We do appreciate all of it.

October 3, 2017

Great progress has occurred in a short amount of time. Most of you know Carl Richlen, our maintenance supervisor, 2001 – 2013, with amazing skill and resources. He has helped us get our Resort back. Although there is much to finish, we have accomplished a lot.

As mentioned before, within three days of the storm, roofers were securing the exposed areas with underlayment. Although a complete new roof is not on, we will not have any water damage from the roof as a result. All of the soffits and screens have been repaired. There was some damage to the a/c units on the roof, however, when they were installed a few years ago, they were strapped down well and didn’t move around. (Riverside, next door, lost many a/c units, as they were not strapped down.) All the landscaping debris has been cut and will be picked up when the trucks get down to this end of the island.

On the 21st of September, our transformer blew. The electric company was contacted and we were informed that a new transformer would need to be installed. This left us without power over the course of two days and shorted out and a/c unit for the rec room area. We are waiting for a new a/c unit. The pool and spa are up and running after diving for shingles and replacing a motor that was flooded. The dock is nearly completed. So far it has taken three days, one barge with crane, three expert dock-men, and three new pilings. The huts on the dock and picnic area are still in need of shingles. All the fire extinguisher boxes need replacing or covers. We are waiting for new lanterns for the parking lot lights.

Moisture restoration is still in progress. The office water clean-up has resulted in all office furniture to be thrown away. We are working with folding tables as desks and plastic bins as drawers.
Dehumidifiers and fans ran for 6 days, this followed 7 days of no power. The rec room and storage areas also had water and had dry out for 6 days. Fortunately, most items stored were on shelves above the water line. With no power for more than a week, having compromised sliders and windows, we are drying out all of the units also. Only three units had about an inch of standing water following the storm, but all had no power and we felt they also could be dried out.

The phones are working, but we have found some glitches are still occurring (cut off during a call, voices sound warbley). We aren’t sure if it is our phone system or the phone company as both had storm issues. The computers are up and running, however, we have had times when internet is not available.

We are still waiting for glass. We did get “on the list” fairly early, but are still waiting for shipment, cut and placement. Three sliders were shattered, one fell to the floor (did not break), sixteen jumped the track or were twisted on the tracks. The heavy drapes in the living area actually helped keep some of the sliders from falling, however, many of them ended up with glass embedded, wet from blown in water, or the blackout material stuck together and tore off when separated. We are working on replacing them, but have been told that even with expediting, it will be six to eight weeks.

We have had to push opening the Resort to the end of October or into November as we are still waiting for materials needed for some repairs and the Insurance adjuster has not been in contact with us yet. We are hoping to get resolution quickly once we meet with him.

Thank you for your warm wishes for staff and families. We will keep you updated as best we can.


September 20, 2017

We know many of you have been trying to reach us. First and foremost, all the staff and their families made it through the storm. Some have property damage, but nothing unrecoverable.
Hurricane Irma was not nice to our Resort. We have damage to our roof, dock, pool, office, rec room, and the units. Knowing that you would all like to know what is happening at your home away from home, this is what we can tell you:

We are in the cleanup process and we are doing a lot with the help of our many loyal vendors. Although the roof was compromised, it has had its emergency repairs completed and we are safe from further water damages in that respect.
There was a lot of glass that was compromised, but we are in process of getting all of it repaired/replaced. Most of the rooms had minimal damage from the storm as we were able to secure the building very well ahead of time.
The office and rec room have water damage, but nothing we can’t remedy. Some power was restored mid-day Saturday, full power by Monday morning. The staff is working hard to get everything put back together. We have a makeshift office in place, however, the phones are not working yet. You may find a busy, constant ring, or even to leave a message; we don’t know, as we cannot retrieve calls yet. When they are up and running, you will be asked to leave a message only if it is an emergency. Please be considerate, and wait a couple of weeks or so for any conversation.

We are hoping to reopen as soon as possible, it may be as early as October 7 or as late as November ?. We will update you as we can. Please continue to check the website as we will post updates here.
Some photos from first look: click here


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